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Seeing the Nature of Emotions

Key points on seeing the nature of emotion:

  • When we bring our attention to emotions, we can see that they’re constantly changing. They also consist of many parts.
  • Emotions depend on various causes and conditions that cause them to arise.

Tips for Everyday Life

Become aware of what triggers your emotions and reactions during the day — what kind of situation, words, memories, sights, smells, etc. Once you notice a disturbing thought or emotion, just let it stay in your awareness.

About Mingyur Rinpoche

In his approach to teaching meditation, Mingyur Rinpoche integrates traditional Buddhist practice and philosophy with the current scientific understanding of the mind and mental health – making the practice of mediation relevant and accessible to students around the world.
Born in Nepal in 1975, Mingyur Rinpoche began to study meditation as a young boy with his father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, himself a well-respected Buddhist teacher. He spent many years of his childhood in strict retreat and completed the traditional Buddhist training in philosophy and psychology. In addition to extensive training in the meditative and philosophical traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Mingyur Rinpoche has also had a lifelong interest in Western science and psychology, which has led to many fruitful collaborations with neuroscientists and psychologists.